Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm not addicted to pod casts I can stop listing any time I want to, I just don't want to

The all to common words of the junkie "I can stop any time I want to". I have been on the mp3 bandwagon since the late 90's, ripping all my CD, and a few that weren't, to my computer, I have always loved books on tape, but I never really got into pod cast until just over a year ago.

Lets face it the early pod casts were really horrible with bad audio quality production quality that sounded like they here done by guys living in there parents basement or schizophrenic nut jobs randomly ranting with out any ability to stay on topic and where generally a wast of time.

Then I met the candy man, woman. at Netdug, the local .Net developers group, Kathleen Dollard did a presentation on linq and some other new .net 3.5 features, and during her presentation she mentioned being on, and how they had a lot of good videos out there for learning new things about .net. I checked it out, watched a few videos and was really impressed, the production quality was good, the audio and video quality was great, these guys knew what they where doing and talking to people who knew what they where talking about and then the mentioned the Podcast, so i checked it out, I had some grunt work to do so I pulled a few episodes down and started to listen and so began the slows spiral down into addiction. Some of the guests talked about there blogs and some had there own pod casts.

What started with DotNetRocks quickly added hanselminutes, Elegant Code Cast and the dirty pleasure of Mondays, but I was still in control I had to be at a computer to listen to them I didn't have a portable mp3 player, I never felt the need to own one and then woot had two 1G san disk mp3 players for $15 and I couldn't say no.

Now I could get a fix any time and any where! the 30 min drive to work was now filled with the wisdom of the guru & rock stars of the development community, and juvenile geek humor, until today, I didn't get a chance to update my player last night after I ran out of shows last night on my way home. I had to drive for 60+ min with only the radio to listen to, with the lame humor of the morning DJs, the 5 Commercials for every 3 songs with most of them in the suck category, the detox was horrable, how did I live before?

Am I a junkie? Probably, but it's a lot better then listing to the radio!

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