Sunday, May 17, 2009

Development Heros

I pose the question, who is your development hero? Who has done the most to enlighten and inspire you about software development?

There are many rock star's in our industry Martin Fowler, Uncle Bob Martin, Scott Hanselman, etc. While they write the books and blogs we read and are in the pod casts we listen to and the screen casts we watch, are they truly who inspire us? Or is it closer to home, a mentor or collage professor maybe? For me the answer is simple the person who showed me how to use my first computer 25 years ago. Nine years later he gave me my first programing book (Terbo Pascal 4.5). Since then he has been an endless source in information, a solid sounding board for ideas, and a guild though the world of software design. While we haven't always agrees on everything, see drinking the koolaid, he introduced me to N-tier design, Inversion of control, and why interfaces are so important. While I may have learned more about the specifics from others, it was his guidance that showed me the way. While this may sound like the rantings of a fan boy, I think that it's OK, he may not have been a rock star in our industry, but his simple lessens and guidance let me down the path to good software design, and even at the age of 30 I'm was still inspired by my older brother, may he rest in peace Benjamin Clements 1974 - 2009

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