Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where is the passion?

On the 4th of July I had a really good conversation with @jamis a former member of the rails core team and a fairly prominent member of the ruby community and I was reminded how much the Ruby community appers to be more dedicated to craftmanship then the .net community as a whole. 

This may be just an outsiders view but ruby devs seem to be more dedicated to pair programing,  TDD, CI, etc.  and basicly more interested in writing software to make a living vs. where in the dot net comunity it feels  more like developers write software just to make a living, there are a few leaders that  that push these ideas, but for the most part it seem more previlant in the ruby community.

So my real question is, why?  is the ruby stack just more attractive to people of this disposion?  is it just becouse dot net is just more widely used and thus just has a wider spectrum of developers in it?  Is it just becouse I have a very limmited view of the ruby community and only seeing the cream of the crop, or am I just somewhat jaded and only seeing the negative in the .net community?  To this I don't have a good answer.
So the next question is how do we get the passion in the .NET dev stack?  it's not like there is a lack of interesting things to learn and build, can we do more community work?  Boise has a .NET user group (netdug), a software developers group(bsdg) that is mostly .net developers, and a code camp every year, but for the most part it's the same people group presenting.  my open question to the group is how do we get more people interested in presenting, do we start younger? maybe start youth dev groups? maybe as a group pressure each other to be more active?  For my part, I need to step up and do my part, and rededicate myself to blogging.

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